Red and Lyttle Bridges opened our first BBQ joint in 1946, it was called Dedmond's Barbecue. It was located in the old Dedmond's building on Highway 18.


Not long after that we moved the business  to uptown Shelby (1949), we renamed it Red Bridges Barbecue Lodge.

 In 1953 we moved to our current location on Highway 74. On June 14th 1966 Red Bridges passed away and left it all up to Lyttle to run the business.  Lyttle worked 12 hours a day until she was 80 years old and had to retire because of health problems.  Lyttle passed away on February 29th 2008.

Today, Red and Lyttle's daughter, Debbie Webb  runs the business along with her two children Natalie Ramsey and Chase Webb.

Pit cooked Barbecue is becoming a lost art. We are one of the few places left that slow cooks pork over hickory all night long. We feel this is the only way to the old fashion true flavor. That is way we have done it for 70 years and the way we will do it for years to come.


Mon-Tues Closed

Wed-Sat 11a-8p

Sunday 11a-4p


2000 East Dixon Blvd

Shelby NC 28152